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For Fussy Eaters - Mini Polenta Pizzas by Annabel Karmel

Polenta is golden-yellow cornmeal made from ground maize. The instant or quick-cook powdered variety can be made in minutes, and if you flavour it with vegetable stock and Parmesan, it tastes delicious. Cut into circles, it makes a good base for pizza recipes. Leftover polenta can be cut into squares or triangles and baked as a side dish, or coated in gluten-free flour mixed with Parmesan and fried.Another good topping for the polenta base is caramelized red onion, flavoured with balsamic vinegar and thyme and then topped with melted cheese.You will have quite a lot of tomato sauce left over which you could use as a sauce for pasta. Rice noodles and buckwheat spaghetti are fine to eat if you have an allergy to wheat. A tasty wheat free recipe.

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