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Ask the midwife

Green Lounge C  - 10:45

Speaker - Malta Midwives Association 




Coming Soon

Green Lounge C - 11:30am

Speaker -Rebecca Buttigieg

Bathing a newborn baby

Green Lounge C - 14:00pm
Speaker - Malta Midwives Association 



Car Seat Safety Discussion 

Green Lounge c - 15:15am

Speaker - Mr Edward Bugeja - Sponsored by Britax 




Stem cell banking from cord blood and teeth – the hype and the reality

Green Lounge C - 16:00pm

Speaker - Sylvana Brannon, B.Sc., M.Sc., G.I.Biol., B.A., CBE (CBI)


“If you are expecting a baby, attend our discussion to learn about the benefits and limitations of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of storing your newborn’s cord blood stem cells with Malta’s longest established and most experienced stem cell bank.  If you are interested in storing stem cells for your older children or even for yourself from teeth, our talk will explain the various sources of stem cells and the collection procedure for each option.”

Stand up taller with FlexiFit - Activity 

Green Lounge B- 16:45pm

With Sarah Lanzon from Plethora Dance 



Coming Soon

Green Lounge C - 18:00pm

Speaker -


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